About Us

The company was formed in the autumn of 2009 by 3 women friends who between them have many years of experience both in the UK and international wallcovering market and have a driving passion for beautiful and exciting design.

With collective experience spanning almost 80 years in the mass and middle markets, our expertise lies in design, marketing, manufacturing and sales combined with a strong commercial and financial background.

Now we have the freedom to step off the treadmill of cyclical launch programmes; now we are totally committed to creating and selling wallcoverings that will that will lift your spirits and transform your spaces into something individual and unique.

Based in Lancashire England the birthplace of modern ‘English’ wallcovering, we operate from a small low-key operation but boast an extensive international client list.

Each of our collections is built round an idea; a theme……….

Staying loyal to the theme; the idea, each design we create and launch enhances and strengthens the personality of its collection.

We are equally as passionate about the quality of our wallcoverings and in how they are manufactured.

We use only the very finest of materials; velvety substrates, sumptuous flocks, the glitzy metallics and the most extravagant and vibrant of strainers and pigments.

We will only work with factories that actively promote social, ethical and environmental responsibility; factories that conform to all EU standards and regulations.

We are committed to only offering wallcoverings that we believe in – wallcoverings to fall in love with.


We are quite simply